Solar Controller SC3D

The SC3D is a micro processor based solar controller used to heat your pool/spa from your solar collector. The controller does this by sensing the temperature on the roof and the temperature of the pool. If the roof temperature rises 7 degrees above the pool temperature and the pool temperature is below the set point then the controller will switch power to the solar pump which in turn will cycle the pool water through the collector to heat the water and then return it to the pool. If the pool temperature rises to the set point or the roof temperature falls to within 2 degrees of the pool water the controller will switch power off to the solar pump.


  • Sample and Hold Temperature Display
  • Simple one touch control buttons
  • Pool, set point and roof temperature display
  • Winter mode
  • Manual mode
  • Heating and Heating/Cooling Mode
  • Temperature sensor error indication


INPUT: 230/240V 10A 50Hz